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International Church Plants
International Church Plants (ICP) is an international church planting network from the Netherlands, which strongly focuses on planting churches in our multicultural society. Since the Netherlands is a very strategic place for Europe and Rotterdam is even called "The gateway to Europe" we are more than ready to export some of the blessing to other places, whereas at the same time we can import some of the helpful experiences in different places all over the world.

It is our dream that all over the world new churches are going to be planted which reflect the variety of cultures around. Although many church planters advocate homogeneous units in churchplanting, ICP reckons this approach to be too one-sided. ICP believes that it is possible to plant churches where both the unity as well as the variety of cultures is being expressed.

In the Netherlands ICP has already proven that its approach is successful. More than 20 new intercultural churches have been founded with the help and support of ICP. These intercultural churches found some great new ways to reach out to a large number of ethnic groups. We have seen quite a number of Kurds, Chinese, Africans and others come to faith. Each ethnic group will have its own cultural gathering while at the same time we unite these groups in leadership, in a Sunday celebration and other ways.

ICP has faith that it has developed some insights, methods and strategies that could be very helpful in other cities all over the world as well.

Right now we sense that God is opening new doors all over the world, especially in Europe. If you sense opportunities for intercultural churchplanting, please contact us. We would love to be in touch, to Skype, to connect and see how we could support one another.

Founder: Theo Visser,, +31-184622196

In due time the English edition of this website will be extended.

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